Accounting & Book-Keeping

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”, and no doubt a business with clean financial records is on the path to success.

Andyko Accounting & Tax Services LLC understands the pain points in small business bookkeeping and accounting processes and works closely with clients right from QuickBooks set up to when the financial statements are prepared. We provide assistance with QuickBooks set up by advising on the right package for your business, creating rules for recurring transactions, account reconciliation, Chart of Accounts, etc. Our accounting services include preparations of Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow Statements either on Tax basis or the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. We provide full virtual CFO services. We will take time to review your accounting system, identify how you can streamline your processes. We will review your accounting policies making sure they are in compliance with US GAAP. We handle Accounts Payables & Receivables reconciliation, calculation of Accounts Receivables Turnover ratio. We schedule regular calls with clients where we analyze trends in KPI.